Service Usage Issues:

1.Is FirstCut free?

Yes. You can watch Two video on daily basis as a free user. To access more videos, you will have to switch into the Premium User.

2.How do I view videos in full-screen?

Click on full screen icon on the bottom right corner of the ongoing video.

3. What if my media player crashes or hangs while playing a large video?

Your device memory may be full. In your browser menu, go to 'Options' and select 'Cache Operations' to clear the cache. If this doesn't help, try resetting your device.

4. Why can't I stream on my device?

Some devices have problems with streaming videos. You need to check your phone specs to ensure your device can stream and your carrier doesn't block streaming.

5. Why do I get a buffering message when I try to stream a video?

Your network or device may not be able to handle streaming video. If it is an intermittent issue, please let us know contentsupport@v3mobi.com.

6.Why can't I watch videos with a large file size?

Your carrier or connection may limit your download size.

7. Where is the 'Play High-Res' option on the video playback page?

The Settings icon on the Player is available to choose the Resolution you want to choose.

8. What if I can't find a solution to my issue?

You can report an issue with our online form or send an email contentsupport@v3mobi.com describing the nature of the issue. If you're emailing us, please also try to include a screenshot.

9. How can I review my payment history on FirstCut ?

You can see your billing history by clicking on ‘Payment History’ in My Account section.

10. How do I become a Pro User?

11. What videos are available for Pro Users?

All videos except Show Case are available for Pro Users.

12. How can I watch Show Case videos?

You can download and watch Show Case videos by purchasing it in addition to your subscription payment.

13.How long is the membership valid?

Pro User membership is valid for as long as his subscription is keep renewing i.e. the payment for renewal may be interrupted in case of failure of the payment process. In case we make any changes in membership plans, we will inform you in advance.

14. Is there any restriction on my membership?

No, unless you use this for personal purpose


1. How can I billed as Pro User?

Firstcut Pro is a monthly subscription service. You will charge monthly on beginning of your billing cycle.

2. What are the different payment methods being available for membership?

3.Are charges inclusive of taxes?

Yes. All your payments are including taxes.

4.How do I review my payment history?

Please visit to My Account page to review your payment history.


1. How do I cancel my Pro membership?